We do most procedures in office, but also do not hesitate to refer out at times for specialized treatment from professionals.  Specialists are going to have more experience in some cases to provide the best care in unique situations and thereby giving you the most predictable outcome.  We will always suggest a treatment that is in your best interest only.

Healthy smiles are attractive smiles.  We strive to eliminate all destructive problems first to build a strong foundation from which the smile that you desire can be built.  We educate our patients to the best of our ability to understand what caused the dental problems.  An educated patient is most likely to have the best treatment outcome over the long haul because the success of overall dental health lies primarily on the responsibility of the patient and their home care.  Our in office treatment will always be focused and professional using the best techniques and materials available.

David Nowacki DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has been in Newtown since opening the doors in 2003.  Dr. Nowacki considers Newtown to be his hometown and  believes in treating his patients truly as family members.  We hope that all patients will feel they are sincerely welcomed into the practice.

We hope you find this website informative.  Our intention is to provide an understanding of the basic principles of dentistry.  These principles give a simple understanding of the foundation of dental treatment.  Dentistry in itself gets to be a very complicated area of health science when all components are factored in.  Dentistry utilizes a vast array of medical sciences as well as an ever expanding technology in the material sciences behind all the dental materials used in treatment. Dentistry and the delivery of dental care is a customized treatment that is very specific to each individual patient.  It is therefore better to discuss your individual questions or concerns in person.  We hope you allow us the opportunity to meet with you to do just that.


The majority of dental problems are created by two causative factors when you remove injury and abnormalities of growth.  Microorganisms (bacteria) and physical forces on the teeth are the primary stressors that contribute to the breakdown of oral health.  In its simplest form, dentistry is the prevention of these two causes.  With a full understanding of this, most dental problems can be avoided.  That is why we stress regular preventive care including a full exam to find all factors affecting the health of your teeth.  Treatments that address symptoms to solve an immediate problem sometimes don't last because the true causative factor is never addressed.